Nissan Civilian Bus, Japan

Nissan Civilian Bus, Japan

Nissan Civilian Bus, Japan


Nissan Civilian
Nissan Civilian is a single-decker minibus built by Japanese vehicle manufacturer Nissan since 1959. This is mainly available A public bus and an intercity bus. In Japan, this was exclusive to the Nissan store locations, and took the place of Nissan Echo.

In Japan, Asia-Pacific, Mid-East, Africa, South America, its principal competitors are Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa, Isuzu Journey, Mazda Parkway and Toyota Coaster. In China, the Nissan Civilian is marketed by Dongfeng as the Dongfeng Green Lotus but uses the Nissan logos.

Nissan Civilian is currently sold under the name of Civilian and W 41 or W41. It is sold in Japan as a civilian, and in many countries in Central and South America. The usual seating capacity is 26 passengers. Its main competitors are Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa, Toyota Coaster, and Isuzu Journey, and, in some countries, Civilian / W 41 minibuses are found only in small quantities,

compared to Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa, Toyota Coaster and Isuzu travel. It was replaced by Nissan Echo earlier.

History of Nissan Civilian Bus

In 1999: The Civilian has been highly acclaimed by users in a wide range of fields over the years for the quiet operation of its 6-cylinder engine, excellent all-around visibility and remarkable driving ease, among other outstanding attributes. This latest generation of the Civilian has been developed around the concept of a "microbus that blends attractive new styling with superb interior comfort and user friendliness." In implementing this first full model change in 17 years, one major aim was to achieve an image of superior quality characteristic of a vehicle one class higher.

The exterior has been executed in a square design with a high roof for a substantially enhanced look of superb quality. To give the interior a bright, spacious feeling, large side windows have been adopted along with a generous seat width for comfortable relaxation and ample headroom has also been provided.

In addition, ease of ingress/egress, an essential microbus attribute, has been pursued by changing the number of entrance door steps from two to three while also achieving the lowest step-up height of any vehicle in its class. A choice of two outstanding engines is offered]the 4.2-liter in-line 6-cylinder turbocharged TD42T diesel engine and the 4.2-liter in-line 6-cylinder TD42 diesel engine. Models fitted with the TD42T turbo diesel deliver outstanding dynamic performance, thanks to the higher levels of engine power and torque available.

The Civilian also achieves a minimum turning radius that is one of the smallest in its class, ensuring excellent maneuverability and driving ease. Moreover, based on Nissan's comprehensive Triple Safety concept, the Civilian adopts a host of safety features to provide high-level safety performance. In addition to cornering lamps, the Civilian also comes with such optional features as rear wheel lamps for improved rear tire visibility at night, a back-view monitor for easier confirmation of rearward objects when backing up, a driver's side airbag supplemental restraint system (SRS) and an antilock braking system (ABS).


Chassis Codes

  • W40: 1982-1999

  • UW40: 1982-1988
  • MGW40/MW40: 1982-1990
  • FGW40/FW40/VUSW40: 1984-1988
  • RGW40/RYW40: 1988
  • BGW40/BW40: 1990
  • RAW40: 1993

  • W41: 1999

  • BCW41/BHW41/BJW41/BVW41: 1999-2004
  • ACW41/AHW41/AJW41/AVW41: 2004-2007
  • DCW41/DHW41/DJW41/DVW41: 2004


Interior, Equipment & Options

Equipment levels

GLX: Includes reclining high-back seats, automatic sliding door, cloth carpet, tinted windows, self-leveling suspension and other options.

DX: Includes an automatic folding door, non-tinted windows with curtains and non-reclinable, low-back seats, and other options.

SX: Includes an automatic folding door, reclinable, high-back seats, better audio equipment, rear windshield wipers and other options.

GX: Includes an automatic reclinable high-back driver's seat, supreme audio equipment, TV, rear windshield wipers, toilet and other amenities.

TX: Includes an automatic height-adjustable driver's seat, cruise control, BOSE audio equipment, Rear Projection TV, passenger air-bags, toilet, refrigerator, reclinable passenger seats with retractable table, self-levelling suspension.


Specifications of the Civilian

  • Overall Length (mm): 6,990.
  • Overall Width (mm): 2,065.
  • Overall Height (mm): 2,625.
  • Wheelbase (mm): 3,690.
  • Tread Front (mm): 1,675.
  • Rear (mm): 1,490.
  • Ground Clearance: (mm) 190.
  • Curb Weight (kg): 3,720.
  • Turning Radius (m): 6.4.



  • Steering Ball-nut type power steering
  • Suspension Front Semielliptic tapered leaf springs + air suspension
  • Rear Semielliptic tapered leaf springs + air suspension
  • Brakes Front Ventilated disks
  • Rear Dual 2 leading shoes with auto pressure adjuster
  • hydraulic vacuum booster (9h tandem Master vac)
  • Tires Front 205/80R17.5 - 120/118LLT
  • Rear 205/80R17.5 - 114/112LLT


Special Purpose Vehicles

  • Bloodmobile
  • Police Bus
  • School Bus
  • Presidential transportation
  • Grand saloon bus
  • Ambulance
  • Motorhome
  • Library Car
  • Execution Van (Prisoner transporter)
  • Wheelchair Van

Nissan Civilian Bus
Nissan Civilian Bus
Nissan Civilian Bus
Nissan Civilian Bus
Nissan Civilian Bus
Nissan Civilian Bus

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